Our Facilities

Ultra Modern Computer Lab

At Seeta High Schools, we believe in training the students so that they can be relevant in the 21st century. That is why we have a modern computer labs that students can access to hon their IT skills

Basket ball court

We believe in a balanced education at Seeta High Schools and we are intentional about students involving themselves in sports. We thus have a basket ball court that hosts basket ball competitions and accessible to all interested students

A fully stocked library

Readers of today will be leaders tomorrow, against such a strong believe we have a fully stocked library that students can access to research and grow in knowledge about what they are learning in class

Well furnished classrooms

Our classrooms are very spacious allowing students to study in a very conducive manner and allows them to freely interact with teachers. This facilitates learning as students can easily access the teacher

Well Equipped laboratories

Seeta High School offers Arts and Sciences hence we have put in place a modern laboratory to cater for students that offer sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics.

A playground for sports programs

At Seeta High Schools, sports is given a high priority as hold a sports day once a year that allows students to compete among their houses

Spacious self contained girls and boys dormitories

Our students sleep in a conducive clean environment as we believe cleanliness is next to Godliness

School Vans

We have got mini buses that transports students to external events such as seminars, tours and other academic events.

Quality mess (dining) facilities with a balanced menu

Our students enjoy a balanced diet in a very modern dinner hall

A fully furnished main hall with DSTv.

Entertainment is part and parcel of school life at Seeta High Schools. We thus have a main hall that is equipped with Dstv so students can watch football matches during the weekends.