The Director

Director Seeta Schools

Mrs. Rose Namayanja Muyingo

It is a great honor for me to address you on behalf of Seeta high schools. We are focused on preparing children for the changing conditions of today’s and tomorrow’s worlds.

If we want our children to take part in the competition of the 21st century, and take the lead, they should have such qualities as self-confidence, assertiveness, leadership and all other values we stand for. As parents, our utmost responsibility is to provide an educational environment for our children for classwork and talent development.

Simply offering a competitive curriculum is not enough, thus, only with well-developed interpersonal and social skills and a sense of ethics will our children truly be equipped for the challenges they will face as the leaders of the future. With that goal in mind, welcome to Seeta High schools.


To be a model school in moulding God fearing, academically excellent and responsible leaders.


To develop academic and other talents of students in a truly humane and Christian environment.


Education for a Bright Future.